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5 Things To Do When You Find Out You're Pregnant

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

This may sound rather silly but the next moment I found out I was pregnant, both my husband and I were jumping for joy before getting back into the state of shock, anxiety and inquisition of what should be done next. Being a completely clueless mom-to-be, I struggled to fight my embarrassment and collect fragments of information to walk that through. Well, just found out you're pregnant? CONGRATULATIONS! Now, take a deep breath, we are giving you some guidelines to manage those early days.


After seeing that positive pregnancy test, we advise you to make a doctor's appointment - whether you plan to visit your GP first or you wish to directly engage a gynaecologist/ obstetrician, you'll want to confirm it with a professional. They will give you a guideline to sail through those uncertainties.

Your first prenatal visit usually happens around week 8 to 10 of your pregnancy. Don't delay - once you find out you're pregnant, calling to schedule an appointment is usually one of the first steps.

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You have so much to think about - BUT to many of us, we were itching to know the baby's due date. Conception usually happens between 11 and 21 days after the first day of your last period, but since it’s difficult to know when conception actually occurs, expect this to be a bit of a guess. Calculating baby's due date will also help you gauge how far you are in your pregnancy.

There are a lot of online due date calculators - try this one out.


Your life will experience a thousand (or maybe a million) changes from this moment on. Before your friends and family accost you with "you-have-yet-an-answer" questions, take a moment off to bask in joyfulness with your partner. After all, it's not only about you, it's also about him.

During this period of time, your emotion is bound to fluctuate like a roller coaster. It's common to feel anxious about your future, and panic about your career advancement then. You feel much more vulnerable and prone to crying. Don't worry, it's all normal. The progesterone surge in your body is contributing to all these. The best thing to do? Rest and let these moods pass. You can also speak to your partner if you need any emotional support.


You probably have heard of smoking and drinking are big no-nos during any pregnancy. When you find out you're pregnant (or even way before it happens), it's really the time to get rid of those unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones. To get your body into tip-top condition for pregnancy, it's advisable to take prenatal vitamins too. Yup, as your baby develops, she needs nutrients to build her bones and body. The calcium she needs to build bones, the iron she needs to make red blood cells and the folic acid to prevent neural tube defects - these are all stolen from you. "You need to make sure these are not exhausted from your body." expert advised.

A healthy pregnancy diet is very much similar to typical healthy diet - you need lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins. However, do remember that cold cuts, deli salads, unpasteurised cheeses and refrigerated smoked seafood are contributors to pregnancy complications. Raw fish (sushi / sashimi) and those that are high in mercury (swordfish, tilefish and king mackerel) should be avoided too as they possess potential damage baby's nervous system. Caffeine intake should be limited too. All in all, speak to your doctor about what's best for your baby and what's to be avoided.


In this digital-driven age, a lot of announcements and news can be shared by just snapping a picture and sharing it on social media - this will do the job of announcing your pregnancy - but do you want to do it that way? After all, announcing that you are expecting a baby soon is not quite the same thing like Instagramming your weekday lunch. Some couples prefer to announce the great news when the risk of miscarriage goes down significantly, that's after 13 weeks. However, some couples may want to spill the beans earlier than that, especially to close family and friends. "They are still my pillar of support, even if we did lose the baby," an expecting mom explains.

Employers and co-workers are the one group of people whom you can delay the announcement to. It's true that the roller coaster of your first trimester is no one's business in the office. Later on, when you're going to start showing, inform your employer and human resources. This is the perfect timing as you'll want to start plotting your maternity leave and how to delegate your work.

All in all, sharing the exciting news is a subjective matter - whether you want to publicise it as soon as the pregnancy test shows a positive result or as late as right before labour, it's your decision with your partner.

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