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8 Ideas to Improve Small Kitchen Storage


Urban household living these days has become increasingly challenging with limited space available to serve a few different purposes. With property prices hiking up over the years, many of us are grateful enough to be able to afford a small piece of own space - it doesn't come by easily, so we really want to make this small space to be workable for our lifestyle. If you're on the same page, here are 10 ideas to improve small kitchen storage and increase workable room in your kitchen.

1. Hang a pegboard

A pegboard adds workable space to your wall. Your walls can hold more than you think they can. Although shelves can do the same, they actually can be limiting at times. A pegboard, on the other hand, adds flexible storage space. You can adjust them over time as your needs change.

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Watch this useful tutorial video on how to self-install a kitchen pegboard.

2. Make full use of the top of cabinets

We just have to admit that some pots, appliances, extra pantry supplies and even serving platters are not needed all that frequently. For all these "occasionally"-needed items, why not stash them on the tops of your cabinets? To store these items stylishly, consider using rattan baskets, or containers that suit the colour of cabinets.

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3. Add free standing shelves

If professional restaurant chefs have this metal shelf in their kitchens, you probably know how useful it can be! Work a unit into your kitchen - you can't resist the extra spots to store everything.

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4. Use the sides and the bottoms of your cabinets

Why settle for less when you can have more? Do you know that your cabinets can hold more than what you can ever imagine? If there is an end of your cabinets that doesn't butt up against a wall, you earn a bonus of extra storage space. BINGO! Install pot rails or shelves, you'll be delighted to see how useful this space is. What's more? You can even use the undersides of your kitchen cabinets. Use a magnetic strip to create a "floating" rack, or add hooks to hold mugs.

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5. Add a nesting table to your cabinets

It's wonderful to have a built-in nesting table. Simply tuck it away when not in use, and pull out when you need an extra surface. It doesn't take up much space but is magnificently useful just when you can't think of else where to put the extra bowl in your hand while cooking.

6. Add shelving under island countertop

If you plan to build an island in the kitchen, you can preplan it to include an underside shelving unit. This is a wonderful idea, especially when you need some space to store dishes, cookbooks or even small tools.

7. Hang things over stove

If you have overlooked the empty space above your stove, it is now time to put it to better use. Install pot rails on the wall and voila! There's more space for cooking utensils and larger cookware.

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8. Store things between refrigerator and wall

If you have space between your refrigerator and the wall, you can actually turn the wasted inches into useful storage space by sliding in a mobile rack. Use this rack to store pantry items and small tools. It may take a little effort to self-make this rack but the result should be extremely satisfying.

Learn how to make a DIY rolling pantry here.

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