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8 Mother's Day Ideas during Movement Control Order

Mother's Day is one of the most meaningful celebrations all year round. It is an annual reminder to appreciate the relationship with your mom. While you may have accumulated some "experience" celebrating this day with your mom over the years, this may not be applicable to the unique circumstances this year. Let's put it in this way - many of us are celebrating the day at home or even, away from the women - moms, grandmas and aunts 0 that we love most.

If you have been taking your mom out on a fancy dinner, it may no longer be possible this year. But remember, Mother's Day isn't cancelled, we can still make it meaningful with some well-thought ideas. With some creativity and preparation, you can make it special for your mom.

This list includes ideas that don't require you or your mom to leave the house. You can continue to practise social distancing and stay safe while giving your mom special experiences which are gift-worthy.

1. Serve her breakfast in the bed

Surprise your mom the first thing of the day, by presenting her a tray of her favourite breakfast treats - pancakes, coffee, fresh fruits etc. Make her smile from the first moment of the day. If you can't be there due to Movement Control Order, pre-order in advance from her favourite local spot and have it delivered right when she wakes up.

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2. Travel to her dream destination (virtually)

We know it must be rather upsetting to not be able to hop on a plane and sightsee at time like this. Thankfully, with technology, you and your mom can still bask in the world's beauty with virtual tours of museums, gardens, mansions, and national parks.

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3. Watch a parent-child movie together

Since you're supposed to stay at home, you might as well cozy up on the couch and watch a movie marathon with your mom. Submerge yourself in the mood of the movies - share laughter, smiles and even tears with your #1 lady should be an awesome moment.

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4. Picnic in your backyard

A full-on dinner at home is thrilling, but why not making it more exciting by bringing the party outdoors? Lay a picnic blanket and cover it with plates full of picnic-ready snacks. If you want to make it even more of an experience, order take-out from your mom's favourite local restaurants.

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5. What about a Virtual Happy Hour?

To the woman who raised you, raise a glass to her - the virtual way. With many online conferencing apps available, it's your call: Sign on Zoom or the video conferencing app of your choice, plan up some exhilarating virtual activities - play games, a virtual concert or just simply chat the night away with a cocktail in hand. 

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6. Sign up for Online Cooking Class

If your mom has always been the head chef of the family, it is time for you and other siblings to sign up for online cooking class now. With a virtual cooking class, every member in the family can pitch in for her Mother's Day lunch or dinner. It's a great idea to spend time together on this meaningful occasion.

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7. Learn a New Craft / Skill Together

Time to be a supportive child! Mom has always been our biggest cheerleader, so it's only natural to show her the same level of support. Has she always wanted to try a craft or project? Round up all the necessary supplies before Mother's Day, then spend the day together as you learn how to knit, pain, or whatever else you think she may enjoy.

8. Wine Tasting Session with Mom

When experts suggest that drinking an occasional glass of wine can promote health and longevity, we'd better believe it. Wine is always a good idea, especially on this special day. Make this occasion a memorable one, by creating a custom wine tasting with different varieties of reds, whites, and rosés. 

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“A mother understands what a child does not say.” —Jewish proverb

If so, have we thought about how much we understand our mom? Cherish every moment spent with this special lady because we aren't who we are, if she hasn't been who she has.

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