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8 Useful Luggage Packing Tips

On a long journey, even a straw weighs heavy. - Spanish Proverb

Everyone loves to go on a vacation. Hooray! However, packing luggage or a suitcase seems to be an unloved laborious chore that put a frown onto every soon-to-be traveller. Fret not, there are some practical tips to help you pack smartly.

1. You NEED a Packing List

Yes, this is indeed a typical "mom" tip. But moms are always right. This is especially true when you're too stressed out the few days before the trip, it's easy to forget things you need for the trip. List down, review, double check and reconfirm that you've everything you need a day before your departure. Another golden tip is to place your "ABSOLUTE NECESSARY" items and documents, such as passports and money on top of the bag, this way you should never forget anything important.

2. ROLL your clothes

This is undoubtedly a game changer in packing your bag. If you're always folding your clothes, it's time to try rolling them instead - it saves a lot of space! Additionally, you may need a compression bags which can magically compress (not vacuum) your thicker clothes into space-efficient size. Winner!

3. You may only need half of it!

It's a very hurtful (and tiring) lesson to learn that we almost ALWAYS need only half of what we've packed. The stressful moments of dragging heavy luggage bags along the uneven cobblestone streets and the helplessness of getting onto the upper floors of a building with no elevator installed (which is common in old European buildings), it often leaves us wondering if we really do need so much of items in the bags. We actually tried this tip one time and we never go back to those overpacking days.

4. Make use of Packing Cubes

I'm all obsessed over packing cubes. It makes your luggage bags stay organised (but we have to admit this is not our main concern). It saves space (BINGO!) In this way, you can easily get the things you need from your bags without having to grope around.

5. Your carry-on can save your life

We've heard of how airlines mess up the luggage, it gets delayed, lost or even taken by someone else by accident. It will be a total disaster (completely) to find you've got nothing to wear the next day (and probably the next few). Therefore, always pack your absolute essentials and one outfit change in your carry-on. It can save your life.

6. Keep liquids in a separated toiletries bag

We think this is too apparent as a tip as no one wants any liquid to leak onto their clothes. (Yes, it's a full stop there). If you haven't already invested in a good quality toiletries bag, you probably should, because it is much more durable than ziplock bags (Sorry, ziplock bags, we love you still.)

7. Forget full-sized liquids

Of course, we have this tip because we've seen people doing it. We're here to stop any of you from doing this unreasonable thing. There's ZERO reason for you to pack along the full-sized bottles of everything. It adds unnecessary weight to your luggage bags or backpacks (remember the cobblestone streets and buildings without a lift). Buy travel-sized products or even better, invest in reusable travel bottles which you can fill them up with your favourite shampoo or face wash. What if the supply runs out? You can always buy it again from local stores!

8. Never pack things "just in case"

Let's be real. You pack things "just in case" something might happen, but that case will likely never come up. And that "just in case" item will embarrassingly take up the space in your bags. Are you packing some instant noodles "just in case" you will be hungry somewhen late at night? Are you packing a pair of flamboyant but oversize earrings "just in case" you will need to dine in a fancy restaurant? Forget about it. If the "case" comes up, just indulge yourself in a little shopping spree.

Extra Tips:

  • Bring a few extra bags (You never know when you’ll need them)

  • Bring dryer sheets to prevent odd clothes smell

  • Don't forget to leave some extra space in the luggage


The message as always: pack light. Some of the tips above may sound like absolute insanity but once it's put into practice, it's going to change your packing task forever. Happy packing!


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