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DIY Gift Ideas // 9 Awesome Gifts from Mason Jar

Everything is better in a mason jar.

We will just make this simple.

Over the years, Mason jar has been a favourite pantry storage jar, thanks to its versatility and reliability. This molded glass jar was first invented by John Landis Mason (of which the name "Mason" jar derives from), and patented in 1858. The initial purpose of Mason jar was to preserve food, its mouth has a screw thread on its outer perimeter to accept a metal band. This metal band works together with a separate stamped tin-plated steel disc-shaped lid to seal the jar tightly.

As of now, Mason jars are not only useful in fulfilling kitchen needs, but also used creatively to serve storage and decorative purposes.

If you wish to self-make a present for someone you love with limited resources, Mason jar could be a saviour to these occasions. Here are 9 awesome gift ideas:

1. Superhero Bank

If you want to gently remind someone that it's good to save up some money, a coin bank might be a good hint. Believe it or not, Mason jars are actually a good substitute to those fancy coin banks you can find in the market - Oh, you can actually make them fancy too!

Follow this simple guide video to create a coin bank fit for everyone:

2. Make-up Brush Holder

Your girlfriend will thank you for making her this gorgeous make-up brush holder. And it doesn't even break your bank to make it as gorgeous as it can be. All you need is a Mason jar and glittering spray - of course, your love and affection. We know this is an awesome idea because we will want to have it on our make-up desk!

3. Pie in Jar(s)

This is a very sinful but sexy confession - it's all the LOVE you put into these pie jars. If there's one thing I can think of in making Mason jars sexier, it's definitely by putting in some delectable desserts into them. If your loved one is a fan of good desserts, maybe it's time to perk up the whole episode.

Learn how to make these Peanut Butter Pie Jars here.

4. Pick-up Wishes in a Jar

I have to be very honest. This is indeed one of the best gifts I have ever made for my husband. I named it "365-day Jar" and in the jar, I put in 365 little paper strips of different colours:-

  • Red for inspirational quotes

  • Blue for the movies we've watched

  • Yellow for reasons I love him

  • Green for our best moments together

  • White for memories from our trips

Every day before he drives off to work, he'd pick one from the jar - it's interactive and very meaningful, not only this jar reminds us our best moments together, but also gives encouragement to him. Perfect!

5. Succulent Plants in Jar

This is another level of excitement for green fingers. Ops, succulent plants require very little care, and therefore it's a perfect gift for almost everyone. It gives a good decorative material to homes and offices.

Planning on planting succulents in a jar for someone you care for?

Here is a tutorial which may help.

6. Tissue Jar for Your Issues

Isn't this adorable? It literally takes your tears away even before tissue papers come to your rescue. This is absolutely the perfect gift for those who need tissue papers around but do not have extra space for a conventional tissue box. This idea is just brilliant!

7. Sewing Kit in a Jar

You can easily transform a Mason Jar into a sewing kit. Attach a pincushion to the lid of Mason jar, and spray the bottle to give it a perk-up look, and it's ready to go! If you're giving this as a present to someone who enjoys sewing, don't forget to fill the jar with sewing essentials.

Get some ideas about essentials in a basic sewing kit here.

8. Men's Instant Grooming Kit

I am thinking that my husband would definitely be very thankful to keep this kit in his car. There're just too many random occasions when an impromptu grooming is needed to save the day. They need their hair to look tidy, their moustache shaved, and maybe the unwelcome facial hair removed. This kit can be so handy! If you know the person well, you perhaps know what he most probably needs in this kit.

But, we just want to make sure you don't miss out some essentials: Find some ideas here.

9. Scented Candle in a Jar

Looking for the very idea to help someone cheer up the atmosphere and mood of a room? You can reflect your message (and love) for someone by infusing different scent (essential oils) into the candle you make. Or you can simply create a candle with the scent that the person who receives this gift would love. In a way, I feel this idea is very personalised and sensational.

Learn how to make candles here.


The manner of giving is worth more than the gift. - Pierre Corneille

It's not about the value of the gift but rather the sincerity of giving, in hope of putting a smile on his/her face who receives. We always love anything given to us as a gift, because from there we know how we carry value in the heart of others.

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