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[Eng x Mand] Kids-Friendly Recipe | Homemade Wanton

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Wanton is absolutely one of my favourite snacks of all time. It is not only an enjoyable delight on its own, but is also a versatile ingredient in many dishes: it can be deep-fried, cooked in soup, as a main ingredient in wanton noodles (slurp!) Very often, I will prepare a huge batch and freeze some up to be used to cook up a quick dinner on those days when time is almost too scarce. And it's almost too easy to make these cute little wantons. Trust me, you will enjoy your time with your little one helping you to wrap up these wantons (you will be surprised to know how creative he/she can be!)

餛飩是我家最愛的麵食之一。滑溜溜的餛飩在進入口中的那一霎那好像就直接化開,真的太誘人了!而且,餛飩不僅僅是單食好吃:炸餛飩、餛飩湯,就連做成其他的料理也一樣迷人。比如說,餛飩麵 —— 是不是想到流口水了呢?我每次包餛飩的時候都一定會多做一點,放進冰格裡冷藏,在時間不夠用的日子裡,快速取出來煮一煮,又是美味的一餐了!

Ingredients 材料

(Yield: Approximately 50 pieces)

  • 300g minced pork (you can substitute with beef or mutton, it will still work wonders) 300克 豬梅花肉絞肉(也可以牛絞肉或者羊絞肉來做)

  • 2 spring onion, finely chopped 2支 蔥,切碎

  • 2 tablespoons fried shallot 2大匙 油蔥

  • 50 sheets Wanton wrapper 50片 餛飩皮

Seasoning 調味料

  • 10ml Sesame oil 10ml 香油

  • 20ml Light soy sauce 20ml 醬油

  • 10ml Chinese rice wine 10ml 米酒

  • White pepper powder, to taste 適量 白胡椒粉

  • Salt, to taste 適量 鹽

Instructions 做法

  1. Mix all the ingredients and seasonings (except Wanton wrappers) in a large bowl. Mix the ingredients well with clean hand until evenly combined. 把所有的材料(餛飩皮除外)和調味料放進大盆子,用手攪拌至均勻。

  2. Prepare a small bowl of water. Get ready wanton wrappers and meat filling. 準備一小碗開水、肉餡、餛飩皮。

  3. Wrap the wanton according to the steps below. 根據以下的包法,包出金元寶狀的餛飩!

You can find a downloadable version of this recipe here.



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