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Games to Enhance Your Child's Developmental Skills: For 1 Year Old

As a parent, it is most joyful to witness your child progressing from time to time.

A one-year-old toddler is able to speak his first word, gesture his needs and walk with support. He might even take a step or two independently. He is able to start paying attention to you for short periods or time. This is a sign that your child is learning to express his needs and discover the world around him. Here is how you can encourage and stimulate your child's development through games.

1. Peek-a-boo


Hide a favourite toy under the blanket or towel and encourage your child to find it; or you can hide behind a car seat and peek out again. You may also try different variations to the game by hiding different objects or body parts under the blanket (hand, feet, head).


This game teaches your little one that even though he can't see you or the object, it doesn't mean it's not there or has disappeared. This will increase your child's vocabulary and attention.

2. Sing-along Actions


Sing favourite nursery songs while demonstrating the accompanying actions. Gently encourage your toddler to imitate the actions. You may have to help by initially holding his little hands to demonstrate the actions. Do try to vary your tone of voice and speed of the songs. To encourage more giggles, put on your funny face!


Through constant and frequent practice, your little one will learn to join in on his own. This game helps to develop your child's attention, encourage better eye-hand coordination and facilitate language development.

3. Bath Time Games


You will need to provide cups or little toy boats for your little one. Demonstrate the use of the toys and provide the corresponding word/concept. Encourage your child to imitate the actions and remember to vary your tone of voice often.


This is a fun and creative way to teach your toddler concepts such as fast-slow, wet-dry, sink-float etc.


Playing with your little one should not be a chore! It can be fun and creative. Don't forget to capture these treasured moments on video too!

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