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Photo Wall in the House

A house is made of bricks and beams, but a home is made of love and dreams. Every picture has a story to tell.

A home is where life stages happen and memories made. Very frequent, we overlook the importance of taking and keeping photos. Events come and go, memories shall fade: Only when we learn to document photos properly shall the memories live in our hearts.

A simple photo wall in the house can document growth, especially kids have outgrown too fast. The moment you enjoy seeing them crawling, soon they will start walking in shoes, and before you even notice, the little one is already running around!

Another good reason to have a photo is because life happens. There are many unpredictable things incidents in life. Photos are precious in keeping the memories from the past. Don't wait until it is too late, you will regret it if there is no photo or too few to share with your loved one.

Last but not least, photos relive memories. Capturing the best and the happiest moment, and pictures will bring us back in time.

A photo wall gallery can instantly transform any room and when you use your favourite family photos, it also is an inexpensive option for wall art, too! There are some tips to tackle a gallery photo wall all on your own.

Pick a location for your photo gallery wall

A photo wall can be created anywhere in your home. There are some areas just perfect for photo walls such as a stairwell, headboard in bedroom or TV wall.

Choose a theme for your photo wall

Sometimes there are too many photos and you might want to select a special occasion that is important in your life. It could be an annual family photo or school pictures.

Choose a layout that you want

Deciding layout is important as a certain layout can determine the size of the space, what frames you want to use, how large pictures are and the like.

Measure the wall size

After deciding the layout, you need to measure the wall size in order to fit all the photos to the wall.

More creative photo wall ideas

Despite the photo frame, you can make the photo wall more unique and creative with some cool ideas.

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Here are some DIY photo display wall art ideas.


Every picture tells a story. A photo wall gallery at home is the living element in a house which tells the stories of how every family member has come about as part of the story he or she is telling.

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