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[Travel with Baby] Applying Malaysian Passport for Infant

If you're planning to take your little one(s) on a vacation abroad, the first thing that comes into your mind should be applying a passport for him/her. Applying a Malaysian Passport for Infant is a no-frills. As long as all the necessary documents are prepared and presented at time of application, the procedure should be quick and hassle-free.

Before Application

  • Choose a suitable day and time. Although some immigration offices and UTCs do operate during weekends, they are generally very busy and crowded. Therefore, it's more advisable to make the application on weekdays when the offices expect lower traffic. Remember, less waiting time, less fussy babies!

  • Pick an immigration office convenient to you. You can find the full list of branches here.

  • Prepare the documents and double check beforehand. Documents required may vary according to type of application.

For the documents listed above, it's recommended to bring along the original and a copy of each. As an example, if you're applying a passport for your child born in Malaysia, you'll need to prepare the following:

  1. Identification Card - MyKad / MyKid - Original & Copy

  2. Birth Certificate - Original & Copy

  3. Parent's Identification Card (only a parent's IC is needed, and this parent must be present during application) - Original & Copy

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On the Day of Application

  • Arrive at Immigration Office early. This is to avoid the possibility of getting stranded in long queue. However, this really depends on your luck. Some parents have had arrived during midday and still got everything done within an hour or two.

  • Dress appropriately. Although recommended, the officers did not actually ask for the photographs. Instead, just like adult applicants, all passport photos are now taken on the spot at the counter of application. As such, we advise parents to dress your child in clothes of darker colours. Children whose top outfit doesn't meet the requirement might be asked to wear a jacket the officers provide. This jacket might have been worn by many, many children. (My comfort level doesn't allow me to do that.)

  • Priority lane/ Express counters. Applicants under age of 2 may be directed to use priority-express counters. These counters are a great relief to parents with young kids as this may mean it will significantly cut down the waiting time.

Passport Fees & Validity

Passport fees for children aged 12 and below is RM100. The passport is valid for 5 years.


Our recent experience of applying a passport for our baby was extremely pleasant. The officers are friendly and efficient. The whole process went smoothly. A commendable experience!

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