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Your Child's Development Milestone: Identifying Normal Growth

Watching children grow is a pleasure that every parent will surely enjoy. Feeling both anxious and excited for your babies to develop normally? Well, fret not, that's almost too common among parents. This post will explore the milestones in a normal child's development to enable parents and caregivers to identify signs of delay in their child's progress and begin early intervention.

What are the areas of development that I need to focus on in my child?

There are four important areas in a child's developmental milestone that requires your attention:

  1. Gross motor skills - ability to move around in their environment, from rolling over to crawling, walking, running, climbing, cycling etc.

  2. Vision and fine motor skills - ability to use hand-visual coordination to complete certain tasks. For example, stacking cubes, threading beads, feeding himself/herself, writing, drawing etc.

  3. Hearing and speech - ability to communicate and react with the surrounding through speech.

  4. Social and behavioural skills - ability to interact with his/her peers, siblings and parents, and display maturity in handling social needs such as toilet training, social mannerism etc.

What should every parent know regarding their child's development?

  • Every milestone has its range of normality. Allow some time for your child to acquire certain skills as some children achieve certain milestones later than others.

  • It is important to know the range of normality in order to detect abnormality.

  • Children should be given enough time to perform under non-stressful environments or expectations.

  • Every child is unique and each one develops and grows at his own pace.

  • As a parent, you know your child best and your first instinct is often reliable. Talk to your paediatrician or bring your child for an assessment if you are concerned about his progress. Don't wait.

  • If your baby was born prematurely, his or her development milestone should be assessed according to the corrected age (corrected for prematurity) instead of the chronological age, until your baby reaches at least two years of age.

The Normal Development Milestones

Here is a list of summaries about the milestones that your little one will achieve from time to time.


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