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Your Child's Developmental Milestone: Developmental Delay

What does 'developmental delay' mean?

Doctors use this term when a child doesn't reach his developmental milestones within the broad range of what's considered normal. The delay might be in one area, for example, isolated speech delay; or involve all the four areas, which is termed Global Development Delay (GDD).

When should I worry about my child's development?

In most instances, babies reach each of their developmental milestones (like rolling over, sitting, walking, and talking) right around the expected time, and if they don't, they catch up soon. On the other hand, spotting potential problems sooner rather than later is important if your baby does have a genuine developmental delay. If you notice your child's development is static (not making progress) or regressing from his or her already acquired abilities, you should bring him or her to a paediatrician immediately for a proper assessment.

Here are some tips to look for to identify potential delays or problems in your child's development:

In conclusion, it is important as parents to know the range of normality in your child's developmental milestone. This will help you identify and detect any early sign of delay or problems so that early diagnosis can be made and early intervention programmes can be offered to optimise your child's potential developmental outcome.


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